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Client Creation

A Client is one of the main entities that you must create in Gemma before adding many other entities like Projects, Invoices, Contacts etc. Most business related entities of Gemma must belong to a Client. You can create a Client from the button at the top of Gemma interface.


By clicking on the + Client button, the Client create panel will open. In this panel, you enter the main details of a Client as per below image.

Client Create Panel

When you enter the necessary information in the creation panel, the following steps are taken by Gemma;

  1. A Client with the name and email specified is created.
  2. A Contact Person is created for that Client with the First Name and Last Name and the email address specified.
  3. This Contact Person will be assigned as the “Principal” of this new Client.
  4. Gemma will then open the Edit Client panel of the newly created client.

In the Client Edit panel, you can then add additional information to the Client like their address, website, tax ID and change various Gemma behaviour settings of that Client. It is highly recommended to enter as much information as possible to your Client Edit panel before creating a Project for that Client. This information will be reflected for all quotes, invoices, follow ups and any other documents or correspondence with that Client for all future projects with that Client and therefore, its accuracy is important.

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