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Your First Steps

After you open a new account in Gemma and confirm your email address, your first login will bring you to a configuration wizard. This is a rather important step which we urge you to take time to complete and understand carefully.

During the configuration steps, you will enter your business details, contacts, financial details, terms and conditions link and the name and short description of your first service. This information are the minimum requirements that you would need in order to use Gemma effectively and to represent your business correctly.

Gemma.App Configuration
One of the Configuration Steps

You can navigate to the steps which you’ve completed before from the top of the configuration wizard however, you will not be allowed to move forward using the top menu even if you have already entered your data in those sections previously. The only method of moving forward in the wizard is by using the “Next” button.

After the last step of the configuration wizard, you will be sent to the “Settings” page of the Gemma portal. This is where you can continue configuration of your business like changing any of the previous details entered during configuration, adding other services, provide a detailed service description and inviting other users to Gemma. We strongly recommend you to complete every available detail of your business before starting to add any clients to the system and creating projects and quotes for them.

Main Gemma Settings Page after Configuration Wizard

Completing the configuration wizard is a one time process and you will never be able to complete the wizard or access it again.

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